A lovely day in Blackshaw Head

We had a terrific day with local children in the Little Poems village of Blackshaw Head. Toby drew a beautiful illustration of the cheeky robin along with a lovely poem and Charlie created a very special poem about birds.

So much talent and creativity in one small village.




Little Woodland Poems – it’s just put a spring in my step!

After months of hard work from all in the Little Poems team, Little Woodland Poems is now sitting on book shelves in independent bookshops and is also available on-line. It’s been an interesting journey and I am thrilled with the responses we are getting. Parents and children alike love the hedgehog, our current cover star, and it remains to be seen which others become the most popular.

I’m going to do some workshops in schools over the coming months and am looking forward to reading the poems to the children and encouraging them to write their own poems about their favourites from the world of wildlife.

Just like Spring, it’s all coming to life!


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