30 Days Wild

It’s been lovely to be involved in 30 Days Wild. Apart from being out and about involved with nature, we’ve asked our readers and their families to write a poem for 30 Days Wild. Here are three of the poems that were submitted.

We’ve a sparrow’s nest in our roof
that really is quite loud.
However it is living proof,
that nature is all around.


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Thanks and well done to Rowan Tree Forest School and the pupils of Langwathby C of E School.


Going global!

We are really pleased to be selling books not only in our own, and very dear United Kingdom, but also to be sending books to places as far afield as Japan and the USA. Liam, one of our little American readers finished the magpie poem at the end of Little Bird Poems and here it is:

We can see the magpie
sitting in the tree.
He is eating something
we can’t see!
It’s wonderful to have children from overseas enjoying our poems about British wildlife. Well done Liam!
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