‘Send a Poem’ challenge

Grown-ups love little poems as much as children. We’ve had so many lovely nature poems, and wanted to feature a couple of them. Thank you Nicky and Sheila.

There are so many words inside of me
That can’t describe the beauty I hear and see
The birdsong in the early morning
The world’s colours as the day is dawning

The sound of the sea reaching the sand
The contrast of the sky and land
rainbows when the sun shines through the rain
The sound of a storm against the window pane

Little creatures going about their daily business
To all of this glory I bear witness
I am so grateful to be here amongst these treasures
Which for all of us bring differing pleasures.

Nicky Chance Thompson

Busy bee, busy bee
What I’d give, to see what you see!
Flying around and drinking nectar,
What a busy life for a bee called Hector.

Sheila Elson