The Heron

August 24th, 2020|

Here’s a lovely poem by Jonathan Humble.

The Heron

I have to say it troubles me
to see a heron in a tree;
to watch it balance on a stick
at heights that make me feel quite sick.

They have those legs that don’t look strong;
that seem too thin and over-long.
And if a breeze shook up that tree,
a sticky end I could foresee.

Now if I was that gangly bird,
with legs that look to me absurd,
I wouldn’t stand and risk my neck,
so very high above the deck.

I think the cautious route I’d take,
reduce the risk, make no mistake.
Yes, I’d adopt a safe technique;
I’d sit and cling on with my beak.

‘Daisy’ Poem

May 18th, 2019|


A daisy’s head is white and yellow
It grows up from the ground
You can join them all together
To make a necklace that goes round.

Helen Lewins

Two lovely poems

March 31st, 2019|

We have been sent a wonderful collection of poems by six-year-old Alexandra Prideaux. Here are two of our favourites:

Under the Sea

Under the sea,
the great blue sea
whales and dolphins sleep.
Lobsters and starfish,
crabs and fish too
Scuttle, swim, dart, and creep.

Under the sea
where seaweed sways,
submarine rumbles by.
Fallen and broken
on sandy seabed
cracked, twisted, shipwreck lies.

Springing Squirrel

Springing squirrel,
run and leap,
playing a game of
hide and seek.
Camouflaged in
gold-brown leaves,
finding, cracking,
nuts with ease.

Thank you for sending us your poems, Alexandra. Please keep writing them and enjoying poetry.

Another lovely poem

October 22nd, 2018|

Here’s another lovely poem from our ‘Send a Poem’ challenge. Thanks, Sheila.

Spider – a friend to me!

Spider, spider, spinning your web!
In the Eves of the attic, or under my bed,
Silvery strands glistening on bushes,
On cold, frost mornings as everyone rushes.

Spider, spider, where do you hide?
I’ve tried and tried with eyes open wide,
Looking in deep, dark, nooks and crannies,
Knowing you’ll pop out on unsuspecting grannies!

So many quiver in tears as they dread!
Not wanting to see you, with fear in their heads,
Silly, silly people, can they not see,
How you eat all the flies, a feast for your tea!

Autumn is here and winter will follow!
Flies disappear to their sleepy hollow,
So dear little spider – you don’t need to hide,
In my house your welcome, so come on inside!

Sheila Elson

‘Send a Poem’ challenge

September 30th, 2018|

Grown-ups love little poems as much as children. We’ve had so many lovely nature poems, and wanted to feature a couple of them. Thank you Nicky and Sheila.

There are so many words inside of me
That can’t describe the beauty I hear and see
The birdsong in the early morning
The world’s colours as the day is dawning

The sound of the sea reaching the sand
The contrast of the sky and land
rainbows when the sun shines through the rain
The sound of a storm against the window pane

Little creatures going about their daily business
To all of this glory I bear witness
I am so grateful to be here amongst these treasures
Which for all of us bring differing pleasures.

Nicky Chance Thompson

Busy bee, busy bee
What I’d give, to see what you see!
Flying around and drinking nectar,
What a busy life for a bee called Hector.

Sheila Elson

Suggest a Book!

August 20th, 2018|

We asked our Twitter followers to suggest a book for one of the forthcoming titles in the series. We’ve had some brilliant suggestions: some people suggested what we already have in mind; others suggested something completely new. All the ideas have given us some food for thought about how we take Little Poems forward and we’re really pleased with the response. We are about to announce the third title in the series and we will also contact the lucky winner of the signed book very soon.
Thanks to everyone who took part.


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