30 Days Wild

June 24th, 2018|

It’s been lovely to be involved in 30 Days Wild. Apart from being out and about involved with nature, we’ve asked our readers and their families to write a poem for 30 Days Wild. Here are three of the poems that were submitted.

We’ve a sparrow’s nest in our roof
that really is quite loud.
However it is living proof,
that nature is all around.


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Thanks and well done to Rowan Tree Forest School and the pupils of Langwathby C of E School.

Going global!

June 12th, 2018|

We are really pleased to be selling books not only in our own, and very dear United Kingdom, but also to be sending books to places as far afield as Japan and the USA. Liam, one of our little American readers finished the magpie poem at the end of Little Bird Poems and here it is:

We can see the magpie
sitting in the tree.
He is eating something
we can’t see!
It’s wonderful to have children from overseas enjoying our poems about British wildlife. Well done Liam!

A lovely day in Blackshaw Head

May 23rd, 2018|

We had a terrific day with local children in the Little Poems village of Blackshaw Head. Toby drew a beautiful illustration of the cheeky robin along with a lovely poem and Charlie created a very special poem about birds.

So much talent and creativity in one small village.



Little Woodland Poems – it’s just put a spring in my step!

May 2nd, 2018|

After months of hard work from all in the Little Poems team, Little Woodland Poems is now sitting on book shelves in independent bookshops and is also available on-line. It’s been an interesting journey and I am thrilled with the responses we are getting. Parents and children alike love the hedgehog, our current cover star, and it remains to be seen which others become the most popular.

I’m going to do some workshops in schools over the coming months and am looking forward to reading the poems to the children and encouraging them to write their own poems about their favourites from the world of wildlife.

Just like Spring, it’s all coming to life!


Flying high…but ready for the next challenge.

April 13th, 2018|

As a poet, it was my aim to introduce young children to poetry in a fun way. The day I saw a robin poop on my washing  line was the inspiration for Little Bird Poems. It’s only four months since the book was published and the response from children and their parents (and grandparents) has been wonderful. We are building an enthusiastic following and would like to delight them with another title in the series. The simplicity of the idea seems to have really struck a chord with our readers and with that in mind I am working hard to bring out Little Woodland Poems in time for the Spring.


The illustrator’s view

November 27th, 2017|

As an illustrator, this has been a dream project to be involved with. I love wildlife, so being asked to produce images of the birds I see around me every day felt a little like going on a ‘busman’s holiday’. The biggest challenge was making sure that my illustrations closely matched the playfulness of the poems and the distinctive characters of the birds – for example the blackbird had to look bossy and the robin cheeky.

From an illustrator’s point of view, my favourite images are of the Owl and the Goldcrest. The owl has the most complex features in terms of the subtle range of colours and textures, and the Goldcrest is just so full of fun and energy.

We are now starting to turn our attention to the next book in the series – Little Woodland Poems – which will provide quite a different set of challenges. Looking forward to it!

Carol Smith


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